The 3D Motion Capture Laboratory is in G1415, AC1, located on the 1/F in the "Green Zone".

If you are coming from outside, follow the steps 1-10.

If you are within City U, follow the steps 7-10.

  1. Take MTR and get off at Kowloon Tong station. Go to Exit C if you are taking the Kwun Tong line.
  2. Follow the sign and go to Festival Walk.
  3. In Festival Walk, go to level LG-1 and find the escalator in level LG-1 that leads to City University of Hong Kong Pedestrian Subway.
  4. After walking through the Pedestrian Subway, go straight and you will see the Academic Building in front of you.
  5. Enter through the red door as indicated below:
  6. Right after entering through the red door to the Academic Building, find Lift 7 that is located on the right hand side:
  7. Take Lift 7 and go down to the 1st floor.
  8. After exiting the lift on the 1st floor, turn right and follow the pedestrian road on the right.
  9. Enter through the red door on your right hand side.
  10. Our lab is located on the right hand side: